Thank You Day

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thank you party


The past couple of years have been testing for all of us.
But with The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this summer there’s never been a better excuse for great big party, to say thank you to everyone who has helped us through.
That’s why Sunday 5th June is this year’s Thank You Day.
We’re getting together as friends, families, neighbours and communities, to raise a glass to The Queen for 70 years outstanding service, and say a great big thank you to each other as well.
Let’s do it in style. Make sure everyone is included, get the school band to play, invite the next street over.
Let’s make this the biggest thank you party ever!

Chain Of Thanks
The England football team, joined by a host of other celebrities, are starting a ‘Chain of Thank Yous’. Join them to post and record a video to say thank you to whoever deserves it. Who will you thank?
Take a moment to share your thank you on social media for Thank You Day, Sunday 5th June. Get inspired by this amazing video and take part in our Chain Of Thank You’s with three easy steps:

1.Post your thank you message/video on social media

2.Nominate and tag someone to create a chain of thanks

3.Use #ThankYouDay in your post

Let’s make gratitude and kindness go viral and connect the UK for the biggest every party!
Join the Chain of thanks on Tik Tok


Join Tik Tok influencer India Sasha in sharing your ‘thank you’ with whoever deserves it in your life. India wants to thank her housemates, who will you thank?


Follow her simple instructions to upload your video on Tik Tok.  Let’s make saying thank you go viral for Thank You Day!

Jubilee lunch is served

Everyone’s invited

On Thank You Day we want millions of people to get together and share a Big Jubilee Lunch.

Rope in the neighbours near and far. Get the local band to play. Show off your juggling skills.

Let’s make this the biggest thank you ever!

The planning starts now

The earlier you start planning, the better the party: road closures, for example, can take three months.


So pick up a free planning pack from our friends at the Big Jubilee Lunch, and get cracking.


Check out our top party planning tips below.

1. Save the date
Get 5th June in your diary and start planning your party


2. Get your group together – make it fun!
Work with those you know to help you plan and run the event, so you don’t end up doing it by yourself.


3. Get creative

Host a Big Jubilee Lunch or consider getting together a different way – get creative!
4. Considering a street party?

Head to for all the information you’ll need on closing your street ​. Also have a look at the Government’s guide and the LGA Guide for guidance and information .

5. Get inviting
Get your invites out by post, email or WhatsApp
6. It’s Party Time
String up the bunting, prepare the food and drinks, turn up the tunes and enjoy! Tag us #ThankYouDay​

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How to spread the word

Want to show your support, and get other people involved?

Please post the pic on your social channel, with a few vital details:


Save the date! #ThankYouDay this year is Sunday 5th June, part of the Platinum Jubilee. Let’s say a huge thank you to The Queen, and also neighbours, family, friends and community – everyone who has helped us through the year. Pass it on and make it the biggest thank you party ever!

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