Thank You Day


Elaine Paige Says Cheers for Volunteers

Elaine will be saying Cheers for Volunteers at 5pm this Thank You Day. Join her and Ross Kemp to say a big thank you to the 12.4 million people who volunteered this year.

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Meet the Proposers: Sandra

For Thank You Day, I’ll be saying a big thank you to all the people who stepped up to support me over the past year. I really appreciate how hard my colleagues fought to help me keep the business going.

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Meet the Proposers: Emma

Saying thank you to someone helps them to feel like it’s all been worth it. Some evenings when I’m tired after school, I don’t always feel like running my Beavers sessions, but the thank yous that I get from the Beavers make me know that it’s worth it.

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Meet the Proposers: Mike

I’ve found my volunteering work with Marie Curie difficult at times, but it does seem to make a real difference to people. Some find it easier to talk to a complete stranger than someone they know.

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Meet the Proposers: Julie

Julie is a Community Organiser – locally in Slough and nationally within Muslim communities. “It’s been phenomenal to see at first-hand how people have pulled together over the past year.”

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