Thank You Day

Thank You Day

Party Planning Guide

27th May 2021

Here’s some tips and tricks for planning your Thank You Day event. It could be a tea party, a fun run or even a cardboard boat regatta, like Bideford Water Festival in Devon! Whatever you do and however you want to say thank you, the party planning guide is here to give you a hand.


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STEP 1: Assemble a Party Team!​

Work with those you know to help you plan and run the event, so you don’t end up doing it by yourself:

  • This could be other people you volunteer with
  • If your street has set up a WhatsApp group during the pandemic, you could use this to see who else is interested
  • Check with your friends and family members if they can help
  • Reach out to local organisations you use or support to see if they can help
STEP 2: Get Planning
  • Consider holding your event outside – this will help your community see what’s going on, and also make it safer regarding Covid-19 restrictions
  • If you want to close your street for a party or event you will need to apply for a temporary street closure from your local council or authority – head to the Street Party Site for details on how to do this, or alternative options if you can’t close your street.
  • You could also hold it in a local park or public space. Check with your local council for permission and guidance on how to do this.
STEP 3: Save the Date
  • Set a time for the event that best works and makes sense for the people you are inviting.
  • Get Sunday 4th July booked in people’s diaries as soon as possible.
STEP 4: Invite Your Community
  • Consider how many people you can invite to make sure the event is safe. Always allow for a 10% drop out of guests on
    the day.
  • Invitations should ideally be sent out 3 weeks prior to an event, the more time the better to get your event in their diaries!
  • Decide how you want to send out invites (By post/By email/ WhatsApp)
  • Consider whether you want your event to be an open event or by invitation only and whether you need RSVPs
  • Make sure you include the date, time and contact details in the invite
  • Perhaps invite the local paper to get some promotion/pictures of the event
  • Ask local businesses to put up posters for your event in their shop windows
  • Consider inviting local leaders such as councillors, mayors or community leaders
  • Send reminder information to those you have invited to attend a few days before the event

Say Thank You Your Own Way

Plan a party, host a street game, have a certificate ceremony or cook up some tasty food! It doesn’t matter what you do, just get together to say thank you together.